Keeping the special faces in your world FLY FREE with comfort and style-

  • Anatomically Correct, actually made to fit your horse's face.

  • No more crawl spaces between your horse's face and the mask itself.

  • Cut and sewn pleats eliminate irritation around the eyes by holding the mask away from the face.

  • The webbing around the outer edges keeps the mesh from fraying, holds the masks shape, and adds overall structural strength.

  • The fleece material of the mask is sewn, rolled, and sewn again to eliminate loose edges that can be torn off or collect dirt and debris.

  • A 2" wide Velcro© closure, together with heavy elastic band, provides you with plenty of adjustment, and with a secure latch.

  • Masks come in blue, hunter green, and burgundy.


Just check out the field trial findings for the Fly Evader:


“Foxwise Fly Evader earns our Best Buy. We like the curve of the nose, which we felt helped prevent rub marks. Comfortable mask. Fits a wide range of horses and washed up like new in the machine.”

- John Lyon’s Perfect Horses, April 2002


“Foxwise Fly Evader didn’t rub, but stayed in place well. Nicely constructed with attention to detail. Great contoured nose that several testers thought helped smaller-headed horses. No frills, but a great utility mask at an excellent price.”

- Horse Journal, May 2004

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